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The Gravity is alive and here to save the planet from human abuse!

Are we activists?

It’s funny how some political parties seek to villainize those that simply seek to better a known problem. There are no activists here. Consider this more like a movement derived from modern observed Swiss culture.

Waste as a Resource

While many Americans in urban areas have educated on the value of waste, the US as a whole really lags behind. The goal should be to achieve the maximum value of its waste resource and stop burying it at first site! Countries across the globe with far fewer resource then the US have learned how to turn their waste into resource. This effort was not free and did come at a cost to those countries that ventured to change. The US stands to gain from their innovation and what’s better, our own iterations on their designs. We are the United States of America, we can do better and we have historically done better when put to a challenge. Sadly, it’s easy right now and waste isn’t regarded as a challenge yet. Worse, when it finally becomes challenge, we will all be living in a cesspool of waste. Even worse, all that prior waste resource will be unrecoverable. We won’t be able to go back and utilize the waste of the past (not entirely true but it makes for good copy).

Why do we lag in the US?

Old habits are hard to break. Burring and burning waste has been a method of disposal since mankind began. Old habits die hard I guess? Not really, all of this makes a lot of sense in fact. Let’s look at why. Waste smells and with long term exposure may cause health related issues.  Who would want want to live near it, be by it? We avoid it at all costs and expect someone else to deal with it except where each of us visits the site to dispose of it. Early man buried and later burned waste in their effort to avoid we are not early man, we are, where this occurs, the uneducated Americans. As a whole, our entire citizenry has not been educated to the degree of understanding this larger concern.

Another large contributor is political special interest dollars from industry whose bottom line suffer when additional cost is required to do the right thing. Those politicians that support this behavior  by industry, essentially work against our common good of the people knowingly. The worst of all assertions is that there is no global warming and using this as a means to classify the behavior and thinking of a group that simply seeks to better our environment.

The Truth on Global Warming

This is the funniest of all debates that most Americans get wrong. Global warming is more of a cyclical change or event which will occur as a function of time space and our world’s rotation around the sun as well as its position in our solar system. These are things that no human can control. This said, the movement against global warming is about those things we can control such as polluting our atmosphere trapping heat which “speeds” the process. It’s unknown how much this speeds the process, which leads to the bigger question why would you knowingly contribute to any process that accelerates a bad condition? You wouldn’t or your shouldn’t.

That was Easy!

In the last paragraph, I ended the statement with “why would you knowingly contribute to any process that accelerates a bad condition? You wouldn’t or your shouldn’t.”. Well it’s because it’s easier to burry your head in the sand and avoid then it is to take up the challenge and accept. As long as people’s comfort comes before rational discovery and education directed at this social issue/problem, there will only be small efforts that will have some impact but not to the level this country could. It’s about being GREAT, not average. It’s about learning the value of the resource NOW, not when the resource has overrun us.

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